South Florida Real Estate New Construction: Fresh ideas, cool trends and what they’re missing.


Northern Palm Beach County Real Estate buyers can take in the latest decorating trends and some of the hot new features at various new construction projects popping up.  The latest, in Northern West Palm Beach, is a fireplace feature that’s decorative and fresh without giving off too much heat.  Hardwood flooring warms rooms more frequently lately as opposed to the stark marble and expected tile “on the diagonal”.  Neutral colors still remain as the safest bet although lately model designers seem to be splashing at least a single wall in bedrooms with wallpaper that helps to create a “theme” for that specific room.  Views of a pool and spa and beyond to a water feature are still popular.  We’re starting to also see darker pool deck colors come into play.  The drawback, many will be quite hot to walk out onto come summer time when you may most want to use the pool to entertain.

Surprisingly, we continue to see $800,000-$4,000,000 2 story homes built without elevators.  It may seem like an “uppity extra” except for the fact that many folks coming to stay seasonally in Palm Beach County use their “winter homes” here during retirement years.  It’s become common as we show property to ask if there is a way to retrofit for elevator installment.  Baby boomers are thinking ahead and expressing the need for a master bedroom downstairs or just simply saying they only want to see “ranch” style homes.  Stainless appliances are still the rage along with granite in the kitchen.

I’m still amazed that we keep seeing new construction in “The Sunshine State” without any type of “Green” outfitting.  Solar panels, tankless water heaters and smart homes that could potentially conserve by using natural energy and taking advantage of having lights and a/c units programmed seem like it would make a lot of sense, don’t you agree?

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  1. Interesting concept for a fireplace! – Sam Fratantoni CEO of

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